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San Diego wedding videography


We have been creating amazing concept short films to our clients. That includes Love Story, Engagement Film, Save the Date or any other idea that you might have.

We can also create something unique and amazing accordingly with you personality and story.

Usually, our concept films runs about 2-6 minutes but it all depends on the idea around it.

Here are the plot and sample of one of our creations:


Julie and Casino contacted us to create something unique for their wedding day. They wanted a fun and not another cliche video. They were showing the video at the reception right before their grand entrance.

We met with Julie and Cassiano to know them a little bit more and see what we could come up with.

We found out that Cassiano is passionate by cars, speed and Metal music. Julie on the other hand is passionate about shopping and love spend time at the mall.

We brought the idea of having "Cassiano" driving and speeding trough town at a heavy music beat meanwhile "Julie" is doing shopping.

However, the goal was to make something unpredictable where friends and family would never imagine. We also had to end in a way that blends perfectly with their grand entrance. So, at the end of the film, Julie switches the radio station where starts playing their grand entrance song. The car smokes the tires and smoke fills the frame. The DJ presents both and they came trough the door where we have placed car lights and a white curtin. (we wanted to use a fog machine to blend with the video but unfortunately the venue didn't allow the use of a fog machine in there.

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